Meet the Artist: Manuel Taure

Colleague and close friend, Manuel Taure. The print maker.


I don’t call myself an artist. I am simply a filter of my life.”

Artist Manuel Taure in his studio ©Alison Wattie Artist Manuel Taure in his studio ©Alison Wattie

When artist Manuel Taure shared those words with me, I knew this interview was going to be intruiging, just like the man himself.
Manuel, or Manu as his friends call him, has been making art since he was a child in Barcelona. After graduating from art school, he freelanced for many companies as a graphic designer, always dreaming that one day he would create for himself. At age 31, Manu bought a plane ticket to Brazil where he hoped to discover his own voice as an artist. The rest, as they say, is history.
Why did you decide to go to Brazil and how did you survive once you got there?

©Manuel Taure ©Manuel Taure

Going to Brazil was a life coincidence (laughs). My dad had just returned from there…

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Meet the Artist: Viviana Hinojosa

Interview by Alison Wattie.


“My friends think I’m crazy because I live alone with six cats”, laughs Viviana as she scoots them from my feet. “What will they say when I tell them I just rescued two kittens, only days old, that were dumped in a box on the sidewalk? Am I just to step over them? Now I am their mama and that is the way it is.”

Viviana in her studio ©Ric Kokotovich Viviana in her studio ©Ric Kokotovich

This is how Viviana Hinojosa is—direct, strong, convicted, clearly compassionate, and as evidenced by the room I am standing in, a very talented painter.

We are at her home/studio for an interview and she immediately apologizes for the mess. All I see are canvasses—propped on chairs, the floor, on an easel. Next to her easel in the dining room is a giant square high top table literally covered in drawings. Viviana has been busy.

©Viviana Hinojosa ©Viviana Hinojosa

What do you…

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Polen / Pollen

Las capas geométricas se ensamblan y crecen. La tripulación cambia, madura y se acomoda. Los vehículos, geométricos y efímeros, se preparan.
El viento, la temperatura y la humedad son evaluados. La nave nodriza se abre como una flor, exponiendo a los vehículos por completo.
Alineados y por miles se alistan esperando la corriente de aire que los llevará a colonizar nuevos reinos. Viene el viento. El polen flota.

Growing geometric layers are assembled. The crew changes, matures and gets organized. The vehicles, geometric and ephemeral, get ready.
The wind, temperature and humidity are carefully evaluated. The mother ship opens wide as a flower, showing the whole vehicle unit.
Aligned in thousands, they get ready as they wait for the wind that will take them to colonize the world. The wind comes. The pollen floats.


Texto Mina Polen
Ilustración Viviana Hinojosa
Proyecto Ephemera

Bubble/ Burbuja

At the last minute a DNA cloud hides inside a bubble, running away from time and corrosion. The hidden world cries inside in desperation.
Long sleep and metamorphosis, introspection and mutation, desperation and serenity. For centuries, everything happens inside this bubble.
One day, a jewel is needed, a piece of amber is found, a crack is made and an ancient world released. Tiny bang: a cloud swiftly expands.

En el último momento, una nube de ADN se esconde en una burbuja, huyendo del tiempo y la corrosión. El mundo oculto grita de desesperación.
Sueño eterno y metamorfosis, introspección y mutación, desesperación y serenidad. Durante siglos, todo sucede dentro de esta burbuja.
Un día, una joya es deseada, una pieza de ámbar encontrada, una grieta se abre y un mundo es liberado. Una pequeña explosión y la nube crece.


Texto: Mina Polen
Ilustración: Viviana Hinojosa.
Proyecto Ephemera

Páginas adentro / Inside Pages

Páginas adentro.

Una noche, mientras hojeaba el libro por centésima vez, notó que una mariposa se desprendía de una de sus páginas y volaba adormecida.
Otra noche, notó que las hojas del libro tenían una rara textura y que cada vez le costaba más trabajo sentir cada una de sus páginas.
Después, su cuerpo cambió y parecía desvanecerse cada noche mientras releía aquel libro. Incluso sintió en su interior un hojear de libros.
Una luna nueva, sintió la succión de un abismo cuando el libro estaba totalmente abierto; esa noche llegó a sentir sus hojas como propias.
A la mañana siguiente, el libro yacía abierto en el piso mientras el viento movía sus hojas. Páginas adentro alguien tenía una nueva vida.

Inside pages

One night, as he was flipping pages through the book, he noticed that there was a butterfly clumsily coming out from one of the pages.
On another night, he noticed that the pages had a strange texture and that he was having trouble feeling each and every page of that book.
His body changed and seemed to disappear every night as he was reading that book. He felt inside his body pages being flipped through.
On a new moon, he felt the pull of an abyss when the book was totally open; that night he could feel the pages of the book as their own.
Next morning, the book laid open on the floor as the wind moved its pages. In the inside pages someone had a brand new life.


Texto: Mina Polen
Ilustración: Viviana Hinojosa.
Todos los derechos reservados.

Proyecto Ephemera