Days of the Week.

Este extraordinario texto es un fragmento del proyecto House of Mirrors en colaboración con James Knight para el que trabajé tres ilustraciones.

On Monday she saw a burning ship, a galleon like the ones you find in illustrated storybooks about pirates and dangerous adventures. Its sails were flames.

On Tuesday she found herself floundering in a sea of red wine. The shore was nowhere to be seen. She was tempted to dive under, mouth open, and inhale the ocean.

On Wednesday the ring finger on her left hand turned into a little scroll. Pulling it from the socket, she unfurled it and read a poem that made her laugh until she couldn’t breathe.

On Thursday her home became filled with an enormous cat. She lost herself in the musky heat of its fur.

On Friday she played poker with the devil. The stakes were low: her soul, his sense of humour. They soon became bored and abandoned the game.

On Saturday she looked into the mirror and saw a girl made of pine cones.

Sunday was a day of rest. She fell asleep over a book. The girl in the story swapped places with her, but no one noticed.




Text Copyright James Knight. Images copyright Viviana Hinojosa. All rights reserved.


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